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Montreal Flair Bartending Course

Class Schedule

Sun (6:30 pm – 10 pm) 2 Weeks

A perfect complement to our Bartending course, Flair Bartending is the practice of entertaining guests with the juggling of bar tools and liquor bottles in tricky and dazzling ways.

Used in cocktail bars, the action requires much skill and practice.  It has become a sought after talent among venue owners and marketers to help advertise a liquor product or the opening of a bar establishment. Competitions have been organized by liquor brands to attract flair bartenders. Plastic bottles have been created for learning and practicing.

Learn “Flair” for work flair or competition. Good flair should be light hearted and entertaining while making drinkable cocktails. It is a form of showmanship for confident cocktail bartenders.

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You will be the star and make a show behind your bar while serving your clients.  Our teachers will teach you how to prepare and Flair more drinks than you could possibly imagine.

During this 10 hour course you will mix and serve drinks for the students in the classroom who are playing the role of customers in a simulated bar environment with the use of real alcohol. The Flair Bartending course includes professional work ethics, employment opportunities, how to adapt to different work environments and the expectations of most employers.

You may want to sample the visual experience by visiting the streaming video presented exclusively on homepage.

You’ll obtain a diploma & certificate card upon successful completion of your course, which is recommended by the hospitality industry and by as the Best Bartending School in Canada.  The Master School of Bartending is also recognized by the Professional Training Quebec & Employment Quebec.

Enrollment in the course includes alcohol, materials and your student handbook.

The Master School of Bartending courses are Tax deductible.

The Master School of Bartending is affiliated with a very successful job referral service which is personalized to accommodate all of our students needs.

One simple initial deposit of 50$ is all that is required to reserve your seat in our upcoming class. The balance of the amount is payable by installments during your course.

Enroll now and save $10 Our classes are limited in size!

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